As a follow to WELSTech 342 – Healthy Tech, Tim Giebelhaus shared his experience keeping fit with the help of technology …

It is time for me to share how the new technology I have found is to helping me with the stewardship of the body God gave me.

I’ve got a combination of three things working together:

  1. My Fitness Pal to track the food I’m eating
  2. My iPhone 5S works with the FitBit app without having to buy anything (though I don’t get credit for stairs)
  3. A scale from Withings and their iPhone app / web site

All the data feeds into and tells me if whether eating that piece of candy is going to cause me to gain weight that day or not. It is one thing generally knowing that eating too much is going to cause me to gain weight, but it is another knowing how many calories each thing I eat are and to definitely know that bowl of ice cream will put me over, unless I want to spend an hour on the NordicTrack. will track food also, but MyFitnessPal has a much better database and includes the ability to scan in bar codes for prepackaged food. It is linked to Fitbit, so I can see the totals there. sells their own scale, but I saw some bad reviews so I went with the Withings. It uploads my weight to their website which is linked to Fitbit so I can see it there.

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