On May 27th, the newest version of Skype, version 4.1, was released in beta and includes for the first time one-to-one screen sharing.  This means that two 4.1 users in a Skype call could view one of the participant’s desktops in real time.  This would allow someone share a document or presentation for discussion, such as in a long-distance Bible class scenario.

Test drive Skype 4.1 Beta

Read more about Skype 4.1 enhancements in the Release Notes

Martin and Sallie did a test call using Skype 4.1 screen sharing feature and took these screen shots –

Activate screen sharing in one of two places in your Skype window

Skype Beta 1

Skype Beta 2

Sallie’s view of Martin’s shared desktop.  Display was 775 pixels wide and readable.

Skype Beta 3

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