Entries by Sallie Draper

080 – WELS.net Goes Web 2.0

This week on the WELSTech podcast we look at the strategic use of Web 2.0 tools on both WELS.net and the Camp Phillip web site. The discussion: Leveraging the read/write web – As WELS.net migrates from a custom Content Management System (CMS) to the more mainstream, open-source CMS, Drupal, several WELS.net resources are also migrating to Web 2.0 […]

079 – BWTG: Google Reader

Learn how to setup, organize and star or tag feeds in Google Reader on this mini WELSTech podcast. The discussion: Google Reader – The summer BWTG series continues with this week’s share of “Bonus WELSTech Goodness” focusing on how to use Google Reader to manage RSS feeds which bring web research and professional development materials to you in a time-saving format. Ponyfish.com – […]

078 – Twitter and the Twassroom

This week the WELSTech podcast focus is Twitter in education as Martin and Sallie talk with two WELS teachers who are blazing the Twitter trail, Gail Potratz and Jason Schmidt. The discussion: Twitter in Education – Gail Potratz, Technology Coordinator for Emanuel in New London, WI and our “Semi-regular Classroom Technology Correspondent”, sits in on the podcast as […]

077 – BWTG: Google Calendar

Learn how to create, share and embed a Google calendar on this mini WELSTech podcast. The discussion: Google Calendar – Martin and Sallie kick off Bonus WELSTech Goodness (or BWTG for short), a mid-week, mini podcast series and companion wiki pages covering simple steps to put today’s technology to work in the congregation and school setting.  The inaugural BWTG topic is […]

076 – Where’d My Bowling League Go?

This week the WELSTech podcast discussion focuses on real-time, face-to-face fellowship challenges and ways technology can assist. The discussion: Declining social capital – Martin and Sallie discuss chapter 8 of Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody titled “Solving Social Dilemmas”.  The decline of “social capital” has effected congregations and schools as they experience the difficulty of getting people together for […]

075 – On The Road With Sallie!

This week on WELSTech the topic is tech items to take along when you’re away from home. The discussion: Pack your bags  – With conference and vacation season upon us, many people are “on the road”. Whether you’re leaving home for work or play, Martin and Sallie discuss all the techie items you need to pack to […]

074 – Fry Your Pickles. Back Up Your Data.

This week the WELSTech podcast discussion centers on the important but often overlooked task of computer backups. The discussion: Backup glam  – Joining Martin and Sallie for a second time is our very own WELS Network Security guru, Rob Benson. The first time Rob was on the podcast, we talked about computer security.  This time […]

073 – Warm Ears, Hot Video

This week the WELSTech podcast explores online video for education as we talk with Anne Feldkamp from Learn 360.com. The discussion: Video in the Classroom – Gail Potratz, Technology Coordinator for Emanuel in New London, WI, rejoins Martin and Sallie for our monthly conversation focusing on classroom technology. This month we look at online educational video resources, […]

072 – e-Me’s and Virtual Integrity

This week on the WELSTech podcast Internet security expert and author Dan Lohrmann joins Martin and Sallie to share ideas on avoiding the pitfalls of integrity theft. The interview and discussion: Habits of Online Integrity – Dan Lohrmann, author of Virtual Integrity: Faithfully Navigating the Brave New Web, shares his knowledge of the traps that exist which […]

071 – Electronic Church Doors

This week the WELSTech podcast examines the platforms and methods available to spread the Word in the 21st century. The discussion: Answering the question – Pastor Mike Hintz, Administrator for WELS Commission on Evangelism, joins in on Martin and Sallie’s discussion of chapter’s 6 and 7 of Clay Shirky’s book, Here Comes Everybody.  In terms of evangelism today, […]