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209 – The Church of Facebook

This week the WELSTech Podcast welcomes author Jesse Rice as we discuss his book, The Church of Facebook. The discussion: “Home is where …” – Returning to the current book discussion, Martin and Sallie look at Chapter 2 of The Church of Facebook and discuss the reasons Facebook feels like “Home” to so many people. […]

208 – What Will Google Change Next?

This week on the WELSTech Podcast shut-in ministry using technology is the discussion topic and we hear about Nebraska Lutheran High School’s firewall software experience. The discussion: Tech in shut-in ministry – Martin and Sallie explore ways that technology can assist and enhance ministry to members who are home bound and unable to attend traditional […]

199 – WELS Hacker: Scratch & Polish

This week the WELSTech Podcast focuses on introducing students to computer programming and refining your Internet browsing experience. The discussion: WELS Hacker wrap up – The last installments of Martin and Sallie’s summer WELS Hacker blogging series cover computer programming for kids and Google Chrome customizations. Scratch-ing the Programming Surface Polishing Chrome Of interest: (14:27) […]

198 – WELS Hacker: Pogo Cal

This week on the WELSTech Podcast the summer WELS Hacker series continues with a discussion of PogoPlug and Print My Cal. The discussion: End of summer – The WELS Hacker series is winding down, but the Martin and Sallie haven’t exhausted all of their tips and tricks arsenal yet. This week they talk about PogoPlug […]

197 – WELS Hacker: Be a SMART Listener

This week the WELSTech Podcast includes discussion of SMART Boards and audio Bibles as well as details on the 200th episode video camera giveaway. The discussion: Corn Days hacks – Martin and Sallie share recent blog posts about SMART Boards and audio Bibles in this latest installment of the summer WELS Hacker series. Smart is […]

196 – WELS Hacker: Re-sizing and Re-broadcasting

This week on the WELSTech Podcast the topics include batch photo re-sizing for the web and live video from the iPad. The discussion: Hacking away – The summer WELS Hacker series continues as Martin shares tips on batch re-sizing of images and Sallie shares her mobile broadcasting breakthrough. Too Many Big Photos Mobile Broadcasting Of interest: […]

195 – WELS Hacker: Tablets in Ministry

This week the WELSTech Podcast topics center around touch screen tablets, and Pastor Guy Marquardt lends his voice to the discussion. The interview: (3:28) Cold Turkey with the iPad – Pastor Guy Marquardt from Christ in Lodi, CA joins Martin and Sallie to discuss a recent post on his iPad in Ministry blog – My […]

194 – WELS Hacker: Web Sites and Word Processing

This week the WELSTech Podcast discussion topics include free web sites and Microsoft Office Web 2.0 style. The discussion: A place in the cloud – The WELS Hacker summer series continues as Martin and Sallie share ideas for creating web sites and working with files on the Internet. FAV 5: Free Web Site Platforms Microsoft Office in the Cloud Community […]

193 – WELS Hacker: Picniking with Flickr

This week the summer WELS Hacker series continues with tips for creative image display. The discussion: Images in the limelight – Today’s WELS Hacker posts are all about working with images as Martin and Sallie share tips for two Web 2.0 image-centric superstars. Embedding Fickr Photo Galleries Sample Fickr Photo Gallery: LWMS Spring Rally Crowing About Collages […]

192 – WELS Hacker: Labels and Passwords

This week the WELSTech Podcast summer WELS Hacker series topics include a Web 2.0 label solution and secure passwords. The discussion: Pulling from the tech tool belt – In today’s WELS Hacker discussion, Martin Spriggs and Sallie Draper share shortcuts for cloud-based label creation and wise password management. Label-palooza abc123 Community feedback: (17:59) Jim Esmeier and Alycia […]