642 – Screencast Tools and Tips

We’re giving thanks this week on WELSTech – for our WELSTech community and for our awesome edtech co-hosts, Rachel & Jason. Tune in for a lively discussion of screencasting as well as picks, resources, and feedback that are sure to enhance your ministry efforts. Plus there’s something new on WELSTech, and you don’t want to miss the announcement!

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The discussion

Image by mmi9 from Pixabay

It’s really that easy – Martin and Sallie are joined by semi-regular classroom technology correspondents Rachel Feld, Director of Academic Computing at Martin Luther College, and Jason Schmidt, Instructional Technology Coach for Oconto Falls School District, and the topic of the day is screencasting.



Picks of the week

Ministry resource

WELS Educators During Covid-19 and Beyond

Community feedback

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Next time

We’ll do this again in two weeks, and the topic will be the 3rd Law of Atomic Habits – Make It Easy (chapters 11-14).

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