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On WELSTech this week we focus on mobile app creation using Glide. It’s ease of use, versatility, and price tag (free!!) make it a great candidate for building apps for ministry. We’ll hear from two men who are using Glide in the high school setting. Spark your own app development effort with the resources and ideas from this week’s episode.

The discussion & interview:

Go mobile – Martin and Sallie discuss the features of Glide App, a free tool for developing mobile apps driven by data in Google Sheets. Teachers Carl Hochmuth from Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI and Jonathan Witte from Luther High School in Onalaska, WI share their experience using Glide apps in their ministry settings.

Glide Apps Examples

  • WELS EdTechLead
    • Copy the EdTechLead Google Sheet to get started with Glide
  • Minnesota District Lutheran Teacher’s Conference
  • Luther Prep
  • My Amazing Llama App

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Ministry resource:

Gospel Outreach With Media – Fall 2019 Online Conference

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Featured video:

Check out the latest updates to Glide Apps with this Data Editing playlist of video tutorials.

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We talk edtech with Jason Schmidt!

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