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The cat takeover continues on WELSTech with this week’s revelation that cat photography is the number one reason to purchase the new iPhone. In other news … we talk about 4 shifts in technology integration, a gamified geography (and more) web app, the latest Google goodness, creating infographics, and more!

The discussion:

Shifting edtech gears – Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College shares details about the 4 Shifts Protocol, the methodology behind the book Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning.

The interview:

Fantasy education – Eric Nelson, WELS member and teacher-founder of FANschool.org, shares the story behind harnessing the fun of fantasy football for use in education. Students draft countries and score when their countries are mentioned in the news. Teachers can set up a league for free for up to 35 players. Learn more.

News in tech:

Google spotlight

WELS now:

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

Community feedback:

5 Tips for Creating Infographics with Students using Adobe Spark Post and the Noun Project

Featured video:

At South Side Elementary School in Kendalville, IN, students learn computational thinking starting in kindergarten and develop advanced reasoning skills throughout their elementary school years. Supporting Powerful STEM Learning with Technology: Computational Thinking

Next time:

The Gospel Outreach with Media online conference is in full swing and includes a presentation from Sallie about an easy way to build mobile apps using Glide Apps. Tune in for more about the conference and about Glide!

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