596 – School Intranets … Google Style

It’s Holy Week on WELSTech, and the discussion centers around the why, what, and how of building school intranets. But the tech-in-ministry goodness doesn’t stop there. We have Easter images, WELS on your desktop, a projection worship discussion, a musical devotion Facebook Watch Party, and embedded audio on Google Slides to share as well. Enjoy!

The discussion:

Build a School Intranet with Google – The Let’s Build an Intranet series turns to privatizing, organizing, and collaborating on school information, and Martin and Sallie share ideas for building in the Google space. Reference the how-to video on Episode 588 for additional tips and demonstration of building these solutions.

News in tech:

Logos 8 is now available

WELS now:

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Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

Community feedback:

Featured video:

We have double the Easter joy in video format this week with President Schroeder’s Easter Message

and Koiné’s Lily Mini Movie.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 597 – Kristen Knickelbein shares a preview of her #EdTechLead19 sectional titled Hack Outreach: Summer STEM+ Camp.  Release date: Wednesday, March 24.

Get involved:

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