563 – Wisdom and Folly

WELSTech is back with our summer book discussion of Eat That Frog! plus a couple of “ultimate guides” to organize your Chrome bookmarks and your Apple iCloud storage. The WELS Google Schools Community has also been active with talk about bring your own device, classroom current events resources, and explaining MAP test results.

The discussion:

Creating time and urgency – The WELSTech summer book discussion – Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy – has reached chapters 19 and 20. Eating frogs, or getting difficult tasks done, involves opposing forces at times – scheduling time for tasks AND discipling yourself to keep the appointments, as well as getting important work done quickly AND well.

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Enjoy a musical treat from the MLC College Choir, Uncloudy Day, to celebrate the beginning of a new school year at Martin Luther College.

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Episode 564 – Summer is officially over as WELSTech wraps up our summer book discussion with chapter 21 of Eat That Frog! Release date: Wednesday, August 29.

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