552 – Gird Up Your Podcast

The Gird Up! podcast is featured on this week’s WELSTech as Martin and Sallie are joined by Charlie Ungemach to discuss why a podcast just might be a viable ministry tool for you. Sallie also shows off her new “mobile” podcast studio!

The interview & discussion:

Ministry Podcasts – Martin and Sallie chat with teacher Charlie Ungemach about the ideas and efforts behind the Gird Up! podcast (Pippa | Facebook). Started in November 2017, the podcast byline is “Exploring what it means to be a man of God.” With over 50 podcasts released, Charlie shares tips and tricks for getting started and maintaining your own ministry podcast.

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Search WELS Online Yearbook to locate churches when you travel. And you’ll especially enjoy this Google Map of all WELS Organizations.

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A virtual baptism?

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5 Ways To Stay Safe on Public WiFi

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Episode 553 – As WELSTech shifts gears for Summer, Martin and Sallie kick off a new book discussion series full of frogs! Release date: Thursday, June 14.

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