513 – A Month of Meetings

WELSTech declares September “meeting month.” We’ll take a different angle on meetings each week to help all of us be better meeting managers and get the most out of our meetings. We are also back with all of your favorite segments including “WELS Now” where we identify some real ways you can get involved with Harvey relief. Sallie shares some awesome PowerPoint templates for teachers, while Martin does the same for Camtasia users.

The discussion:

Season opener – Along with the new school year, Martin and Sallie are excited to return to the regular WELSTech schedule. New this season will be a month-long focus on a discussion topic relating technology to ministry. First up is everyone’s favorite … meetings. Well, at least meetings should be everyone’s favorite by the time we finish our September discussions!

Revisit the Meetings chapter of WELSTech’s With All Your Heart project management book, and learn about healthy conflict, meeting prep and environment.

News in tech:

  • “Cortana, Open Alexa”

WELS now:

  • Updates on Hurricane Harvey from WELS Christian Aid and Relief

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Computer Science Fundamentals For Grades K-5

Community feedback:

Featured video:

Rewind through WELSTech history to watch a meeting-focused interview with Pastor Rob Guenther, the “Faster Pastor,” from Grace in Kenai, AK.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 514 – Tune in for tips on strategic planning, a specific meeting type that most churches and schools could benefit from. Release date: Wednesday, September 13.

Get involved:

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