501 – Trello

With WELSTech number 500 behind them, Martin and Sallie kick off the summer with a series focused around ministry resources. This week is the popular project management tool Trello. Learn how you can manage church and school projects, as well as a wedding! Maybe even just your family vacation.

The discussion:

What’s Changed – Martin and Sallie discuss of the many ways to tackle Project Management with Trello. The versatile tool can help you organize and move tasks through to completion, and it’s available on both desktop and mobile.

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Enjoy the closing worship of the WELS Worship Conference via live stream beginning Friday, June 16 at 11:30 am Central – livestream.com/welslive

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From the WELS Schools playlist on YouTube, check out Lakeside Lutheran’s A Capella Choir as they perform this Awesome National Anthem for the Brewers 2017.

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Episode 502 – Learn about Google’s newest edtech initiative, “Be Internet Awesome.” Release date: Wednesday, June 21.

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