452 – Password Please

WELSTech kicks off the second of our summer series this week. During the month of July, the discussions will be all about security. For starters, we share tips and tools for securely managing your growing list of passwords including the use of password managers, taking the extra step of authentication and how to provide access to your accounts when you are gone.

The discussion:

KeysPasswords – There aren’t many who don’t have a love/hate relationship with their passwords, and most lean heavily to the side of hate. Let Martin and Sallie motivate you to use good password hygiene and supply you with tools to make managing your passwords easy and secure.

Picks of the week:

WELSTech Photo Challenge:

This month’s WELSTech Photo Challenge is summer, outreach and Isaiah 52:7. Visit the challenge album!

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 453 – There’s no better time than now to setup a backup system for your important files. Tune in as Martin and Sallie tell you how. Release date: Wednesday, July 13

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