435 – Digital Devotions

On this week’s WELSTech we spotlight digital tools to enhance our daily walk with the Lord, and we talk with the creator of a free Lutheran memory work system. Plus, listeners learn how to join the new WELSTech Google Group for e-mail-based discussion of all things tech-in-ministry!

The discussion:

Daily! Deep! Devoted! – Martin shares a Digital Devotions Bible study he wrote, and it guides the discussion of ways to grow your faith digitally.

The interview:

On My HeartOn My Heart – Amanda Moldstad talks with Martin and Sallie about the Lutheran memory work program she and others developed and share at on-my-heart.com.

News in tech:

First live ransomware targeting Macs

WELS now:

Picks of the week:

Featured video:

New on the WELSTech Product Demos Playlist is this short introduction to Making Music Online from the Soundtrap Youtube channel.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 436 – Communication plays a key role in project management done With All Your Heart, and Martin and Sallie discuss just that in the latest chapter of the WELSTech book project. Professor Tom Kuster joins the conversation with news of an upcoming online conference. Release date: Wednesday, March 16

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