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It’s education technology week again on WELSTech as Gail Potratz shares her insights into the transformation of learning through the use of technology. Listen for a thoughtful discussion which educators and administrators can use as a springboard to examining the state of transformative learning in their own schools. Where do you stand on the SAMR path?

The discussion:

Kid CreatorConsumers to creators – Gail Potratz, Technology Coordinator at Emanuel in New London, WI, joins Martin and Sallie for a WELS-style discussion of the New Media Consortium’s K-12 Horizon Report. As we observe dropping prices allowing for increased tech adoption in WELS schools, the new challenge becomes having administrative vision plus necessary time investment by all teachers (not just the tech coordinator) to redefine learning.

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Check out the Educational Technology Certificate program at Martin Luther College

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Check out the Jelly Telly channel on YouTube – Sample 1 Samuel video

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With a special shout out to Bread for Beggars for the link, enjoy the music of Joey Schumann … “If God Himself Be For Me” is saved on the WELSTech “Like’s” list on Vimeo

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Episode 435 – Amanda Moldstad from On-My-Heart.com, a downloadable Lutheran memory work system, joins Martin and Sallie as they discuss ways to grow your faith digitally. Release date: Wednesday, March 9

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