428 – Learning To Teach With Tech

WELSTech broadcasts from Martin Luther College this week as we get the inside scoop on the new teaching with tech curriculum from two professors leading the charge.  You won’t want to miss the abundance of great picks which are shared, and the podcast wraps up with uplifting worship video from MLC’s Evangelism Day.

The interview:

JandJ428 145x125Teaching with tech – Professors James Carlovsky and Dr. Jim Grunwald join WELSTech and share how students at Martin Luther College are using Google Apps, iPads and many web-based tools to explore ways technology can modify and redefine learning today and preparing to make use of future-tools, yet to be imagined, in their ministries of tomorrow.

WELS now:

Interactive Faith – Who Is Your God?

Picks of the week:

Featured videos:

This week we share the archived Evangelism Day service from Martin Luther College


Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 429 – Tune in for “anything-goes,” as Martin and Sallie share loads of great community feedback. Release date: Wednesday, January 27

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