399 – WELSTech Then And Now

It was 399 episodes ago that WELSTech began its podcasting journey. We’ve seen some significant technology changes along the way. Today Martin and Sallie take a walk down technology lane to explore those changes and note some of the things that really haven’t changed. They also say RIP for old friends like Google Reader and Picnik.

The discussion:

Retro WELSTechRetro podcasting – In anticipation of the milestone 400th episode of WELSTech, Martin and Sallie roll back time to the beginning of WELSTech in January 2008 and review the transformation of tech-in-ministry over our 7.5 years of podcasting.

WELS now:

News in tech:

Picks of the week:

  • Google for Education – Training Center
  • dbrand

Community feedback:

Ministry resources:

Featured video:

Keeping the WELSTech retro theme, we circle back to our featured artist from episode 001, WELS Musician Mike Westendorf. Check out his “Songs We Carry” Behind the Album video on the WELSTech Music YouTube playlist.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 400! – Live from WELSTech Conference 2015, Martin and Sallie celebrate the milestone episode on a special day – Friday, July 10 @ 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net

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