379 – Reduce

WELSTech is back with tips for eliminating some of your workload and serving others in the process. There’s also news on the Google Apps front, a fun survey app for the classroom, online classes and new wiki pages to explore. Join the conversation!

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What's Best NextDon’t Do Everything – Martin and Sallie return to this season’s book discussion, looking at Part 5 of Matt Perman’s What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. This part of the book focuses on the “R” step in Matt’s DARE process for managing work, Reduce, and offers practical ideas for eliminating portions of your workload.

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Episode 380 – Tune in for a discussion of Project Management software options. (2/17/15)

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Check out this week’s video to the WELSTech Product Demos playlist on YouTube – Introduction to redesigned Admin Console


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