376 – Quadcopters and Other Coolness from MLC

WELSTech is live from Martin Luther College this week with all kinds of special techie MLC treats. Martin and Sallie podcast from the same location and welcome a special guest and his “shiny” tech to the show as well.

The interview:

jwitte145x125Flying high – Martin Luther College sophomore Jonathan Witte talks with Martin and Sallie about several of the techie tools that are used to enhance MLC communication.

The discussion:

Take a virtual tour of MLC – Sallie shares an overview of the recently released virtual tour of the MLC campus, which features 25 full view 360 degree panorama images shot at various locations around campus and inside the beautiful Chapel of the Christ and new Early Childhood Learning Center. Thanks to Caleb Cordes of OutreachVirtualTours.com for producing the tour.

Ministry resources:

Dutch Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer from ChurchM.ag

News in tech:

Picks of the week:

Need to know:

WELSTech Conference 2015 is happening July 9-11 at Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Waukesha, WI. We hope you can join us for some serious tech goodness!

WELS insider:

Grab the newly re-tooled WELS mobile app for your smartphone or tablet and enjoy easy access to the synod yearbook and call reports, among other things.

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 377 – WELSTech is back next week at our normal Tuesday @ 4 pm Central time slot when Martin and Sallie will be joined by Jason Schmidt for a new educational technology series focusing on tech for classroom success by subject. Tune in for the Math and Computer Science kickoff. (01/27/15 at 4:00 pm)

Featured videos:

This week we feature a bit of the MLC quadcopter coolness on the WELSTech “Like’s” list on Vimeo  – MLC’s First Snow filmed by Jonathan Witte


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