371 – What Is My Purpose?

Two great topics are featured on today’s WELSTech – productivity and social media. Consider how the Gospel influences your personal mission statement, and learn how to engage social media “influencers” in your congregation and school as online ambassadors.

The discussion:

Design – The WELSTech book discussion topic this month is Part 3 of What’s Best Next by Matt Perman. Martin and Sallie roll up their sleeves and write mission, vision and goal statements as well as evaluate the various roles they perform.

The interview:

justinware145x125Going Viral – Justin Ware, Director of Interactive Communication at BWFSocial, shares ideas with Martin and Sallie about church and school use of social media channels, including the use of volunteers for an online ambassador program to share communication with wider circles.

Ministry resources:

31 Christmas Fellowship Ideas from Women’s Ministry Toolbox

News in tech:

Translate text into a different language as you typeTranslate Keyboard Pro for iOS

Tips & picks of the week:

WELS insider:

Streaming Christmas Concerts

Need to know:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 372 – Join Martin and Sallie for the great smartphone home screen reveal. (Broadcast date – 12/16/14)

Featured videos:

This week we’ve added a new video to our Music playlist on YouTube – Wonder 2014 Preview by Dawn Michelle Williams – Join Dawn live this Sunday, December 14 at 4:00 & 7:00 pm at the Duran Arts Council, PSI Theatre in Durham, NC – Learn more at Dawn’s website


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