367 – That Peaceful Productivity

On this week’s WELSTech we redefine our understanding of productivity as serving others, the work God gives us in his Word.  Martin and Sallie shares useful insights from Part 2 of Matt Perman’s book What’s’ Best Next. Listen also for ideas for churches use of Instagram and an overview of the newly released Logos 6.

The discussion:

opportunity145x125Gospel-Driven Productivity – In Part 2 of What’s Best Next, author Matt Perman equates being productive to living a life of service. Martin and Sallie discuss the book’s definition of productivity and how it relates to activities Christians do every day in every aspect of their lives.

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Episode 368 – Dr. John Meyer, Director of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at Martin Luther College, joins Martin and Sallie as we share information on online learning opportunities. (Broadcast date – 11/18/14)

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