347 – Copyright and Promotion

This week on WELSTech we’ve moved a portion of the Communication pages on the WELSTech Wiki including lots of resources for copyright and newsletters. Martin has 106 questions for you, and a WELSTech winner gives us his perspective on the Nexus 7 tablet.

The discussion:

TellCommunication – A key component of any ministry effort is communication, and the brand new WELSTech Wiki has many resources to assist with those communication needs. Martin and Sallie look at resources for copyright, presentations and promotions.

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It’s official! You’re invited to WELSTech Conference 2015 (wels.net/welstechconf), July 9-11, 2015 at Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Pewaukee, WI. We’re currently looking for presenters and tech topics of interest for our breakout sessions. Give it some thought and submit your ideas!

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 348 – This summer we’re migrating the WELSTech Wiki to a brand new Google Site. On the moving docket for next week are social media resources and popular content management systems. (Broadcast date – 07/01/14)

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From the WELS Musicians Playlist, watch Sacrifice With Shouts of Joy by Koine


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