321 – Christmas Eve With A Good Book

Celebrate Christmas Eve with a special WELSTech interview.  Martin and Sallie talk with the new president of Northwestern Publishing House, Bill Ziche, about his immediate and long range vision for NPH. Merry Christmas WELSTech-ers!

The interview:

Within WELS and beyond –  Martin and Sallie interview with Bill Ziche, President of Northwestern Publishing House, about his first 6 months on the job and his goal of making NPH relevant today and into the future in hopes of spreading the gospel message to all.

Coming up on WELSTech:

(21:13) Episode 322 – Martin and Sallie head down memory lane to review the best episodes, events, interviews, picks, reviews and more from WELSTech 2013. (Release date – 12/31/13)

Music download:

(21:45) As a special treat on Christmas Eve, enjoy a free download from pianist Dawn Michelle Williams (www.dawnmichellewilliams.com | Twitter | Facebook) – Away In A Manger

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