300 – And Many More

We’re celebrating on WELSTech this week as we broadcast our 300th episode from WELS Synod Convention. Tune in for WELSTech by the numbers, not one or two interviewees … but five, and even special party cupcakes.

The discussion:

Celebrating tech in ministry – Martin and Sallie are side-by-side for this special episode, the 300th WELSTech filmed from the floor of WELS 62nd biennial convention and for the first time in front of a live audience. They take at look back at WELSTech by the numbers. Just how many picks of the week have been made in 5.5 years?  And they are joined by a host of interesting convention delegates who share their perspectives on tech in ministry.

Coming up on WELSTech:

(44:18) Episode 301 – Our “Church and School Website Content” summer series continues next week with a discussion of the many ways to use forms to enhance web sites and support the needs of the church and school data collection. (Release date – 08/06/13)

The featured artist:

(44:52) We close the podcast with the music of Koine (www.koinemusic.com | Facebook) – Lord Jesus, You Have Come In Love

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