275 – Before and After

This week on the WELSTech Podcast we review key design principles for effective presentations and talk about a new web find for easy project management.

The discussion:

Design Principles – Martin and Sallie return to their book discussion of  Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds, with a look at chapter 6 of the book. This chapter is “worth the price of admission” because of the many before and after slide transformations which are demonstrated.  Concepts of signal-to-noise ratio, respect for empty space, imagery, and concept alignment are discussed.

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(15:43) Glo Bible 1.4.3 Update available to fix issues with notes, crashes and synchronization

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(40:17) Episode 276 – Next week’s podcast is dedicated to those who want to start collaborating online, and Martin interviews Missionary Brad Wordell about the collaborative work being done by translators through Multi-Language Publications. (Release date – 02/19/13)

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(41:30) We close the podcast with the music of Cross To Glory (www.facebook.com/crosstoglory) – Rescued

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