254 – Ministry In A YouTube Generation

Video in ministry can serve many purposes and reach a variety of audiences.  On this week’s WELSTech, we explore ideas for congregational video use, creation and hosting as well as talk with Jeff Hendrix about his use of video to explain the pitfalls of virtual church.  We share a bit of news, our weekly picks and lots of community feedback as well.

The discussion:

Video creation – Martin and Sallie answer the Why, Who, What, How and Where questions of video in ministry. Video is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for communication in this “YouTube Generation,” so it serves us well to consider the possibilities of using video to spread the Gospel message.

The interview:

(22:50) Big topics in video format – Bethany seminary student, Jeff Hendrix, talks with Martin and Sallie about his recent master’s thesis, Material Beliefs in a Virtual World [PDF], and the process of crafting the content for video delivery.  Jeff also shares information on another project he is involved in, developing a catechism app.

News in tech:

(40:42) Coming soon … iPhone5 and the new iPod Touch

Picks of the week:

  • (42:13) Understanding Comics – Learning from the art of comics
  • The Listener’s Bible narrated by Max McLean

7 Best:

(46:56) Coming up in October … 7 Best Member, Prospect & Student Management ToolsShareyour favorite software, tools, and tips for managing data in the church and school office.

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:02:07) Episode 255 – Teacher and tech coordinator Gail Potratz is back to share her edtech wisdom including her recent Chromebook deployment, plus Martin and Sallie interview another edtech leader, Chad Kafka. (Release date – 09/25/12)

The featured artist:

(1:03:53) This week we close with the music of Crosswalk Lutheran Ministries – You Are My World

Get involved:

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