231 – You Say Potato, I Say…

It is e-book discussion week on the WELSTech Podcast as we look at social media strategy for churches and schools.

The discussion:

A brand new e-book – For this month’s book discussion week Martin and Sallie turn to the pages of the Radian6 e-book How to Transform Your Small Business With Social Media.  Listen as they discuss the first 4 chapters of this quick read, including the 3 R’s and 3 D’s of social media conversations.

News in tech:

(17:25) Google Brings Churches Back into Nonprofit Program

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

(32:22) FinalWeb training – This summer we’re offering online training on web site creation and maintenance using the FinalWeb system.   And, for the first time, we’ll be using Google Hangouts!

7 Best:

(34:33) On the May 2nd episode of WELSTech we’ll countdown our next 7 Best list, and listeners can be part of the list creation.  Simply let us know your favorite

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Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(46:57) Episode 232 – Listeners are invited to join our LIVE WELSTech Google Hangout (about) to help us try out all the bells and whistles from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. CDT next Tuesday, April 17.  We’ll video the hangout and share it on our next show.

Here’s how to join:

We are also looking forward to a chat with Mark and Lesley Bergemann from Good Shepherd’s in West Allis,WI about the management of their church web site. (Release date – 04/18/12)

The featured artist:

(49:42) We close the podcast with the music of Corban Creek – Empty Grave from their CD titled “Could It Be Me”

Get involved:

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