207 – Chromebooks

This week on the WELSTech Podcast cloud-based classroom computing with Chromebooks is the discussion topic as Martin takes a field trip to Grace in Oshkosh to observe Chromebooks in action.

The discussion:

To the cloud – With much anticipation, Martin and Sallie welcome our new semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Jason Schmidt, who will be joining WELSTech on an alternating basis for our end-of-month classroom technology focused podcasts.  Gail Potratz will be back next month!  Jason adds his insight to today’s cloud-based computing discussion of Google Chromebooks and 1-to-1 teaching initiatives.

The interview:

(21:39) Chromebooks live – Principal Peter Iles from Grace in Oshkosh, WI talks with Martin about their recent implementation of Chromebooks in his 7th and 8th grade classroom.  Martin also blogged about his visit to Peter’s classroom.

Something extra from Jason:

(43:21) iPads in Preschool

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

  • (55:19) YouVersion NIV giveaway – 48 hours, October 30 & 31 only
  • Public domain Martin Luther images from The Library of Congress (1 | 2 | 3) and Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons (1 | 2)

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:09:20) Episode 208 – Using technology to assist with ministry to shut-ins is the discussion topic on next week’s podcast.  We’ll also talk with folks from Nebraska Lutheran High School about their use of SmoothWall, a new ShopWELS product. (Release date – 11/02/11)

The featured artist:

(1:10:29) This week we close with the music of Crosswalk Lutheran Ministries – Dive Into God’s Word from their CD titled ”Crosswalk Lutheran Ministries”

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  1. Gail Potratz
    Gail Potratz says:

    Thanks for this most timely show! We are implementing chromebooks in our one on one next fall. Have had macbooks per kid in 8th grade only. Current discussion revolves around best way to bring it on through the grade levels. Great show, and welcome Jason!


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