161 – You Too Can Be A Walking Jukebox!

This week the WELSTech Podcast is loaded with tech teaching tools to enhance your classroom planning.

The discussion:

More Tech Tools to Consider – Continuing the current WELSTech book discussion of Leading 21st Century Schools, Martin and Sallie highlight a few of the tech tools discussed in chapter 4 where the focus is on primary resources, peripheral devices and subject-specific resources.

The interview:

Ryan Rathje(19:24) Trinity Technology – Teacher Ryan Rathje from Trinity in Belle Plaine, MN joins Martin and Sallie to share tech integration ideas from the trenchs including new programs they have implemented with netbooks, iPods, an online gradebook and more.  Mac users will also appreciate Ryan’s list of favorite Mac teaching tools.

Ministry resources:

News in Tech:

(39:15) ROAMpay mobile credit card reader

Picks of the week:

Christmas 2010 WELSTech Scavenger Hunt:

(45:45) Week 4 of our latest WELSTech contest is here, and we’ve hidden our “QR Code of the Week” somewhere on the WELSTech site.  Listen each week through December 15th as we reveal clues for finding 5 QR Codes which will point you to a mystery message. Following the December 15th show you can enter the mystery message for a chance to win a $25 Cafe Press gift certificate, where your WELSTech merchandise dreams can come true!  The winner will be selected from all correct entries and announced on our special Christmas week podcast airing December 22nd.

  • This week’s clue to the code location is … Photography in the Classroom.
  • Get the previous clues: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3
  • Remember, you can use your smartphone or an online decoder to decipher the message.  Have fun!

Community feedback:

  • (47:15) Martin shared a link to The Great Bible Shift from Catalyst Space
  • Sallie shared Mashable’s 5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools that she had never heard of
  • Maren McPeak from St. Mark’s in Citrus Heights, CA tweeted a question for WELSTech-ers … “Anyone develop an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for k-8 students that references use of network, Google App and/or Moodle accounts?”
  • David Schumann from Peace in Janesville, WI shared a caution about “Toner Pirates”

Coming up on WELSTech:

(54:25) Episode 162 – GTD (Getting Things Done) meets the church office on next week’s office administration podcast, and we interview Staff Minister Jon Ruddat. (Release date 12/15/10)

The featured artist:

(55:32) We close the podcast with the music of Kevin Loersch – Mary Did You Know from his CD titled ”O Holy Night”

Get involved:

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