155 – Teachers’ Conference Redux

The WELSTech Podcast conversation this week is around fall teachers’ conferences.

The discussion:

TeacherTech – The WELSTech semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Gail Potratz, from Emanuel in New London, WI joins Martin and Sallie as we recap the recent Minnesota District Lutheran Teachers’ Conference.  Special thanks to Jason Hahn, Beth Fischer, Heidi Horak, Kay Abts, Andrea Hahm, and Justin Krause for adding their voices to today’s podcast!

MN District Lutheran Teachers Conference

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(43:12) WELS Locator Search geo-location files – Use your GPS or Google Earth to find any WELS church or school in the US & Canada

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Coming up on WELSTech:

(55:20) Episode 156 – Martin and Sallie talk about St. John’s, Sleepy Eye, new DIY rear projection screen and new wireless mics.  (Release date 11/03/10)

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(56:05) This week we feature the music of Branches Band (www.branchesband.com | Facebook) – Renew Me, O Eternal Light from their CD titled ”Light Eternal”

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  1. Perry Lund
    Perry Lund says:

    I was excited to hear this podcast and sincerely hope I can add to the conversation once I am called to teach in a WELS school next year (prayer inserted here). While I have a good grasp of the use of the Web 2.x technologies, I am unable to try them out because I am not teaching, which saddens me greatly.

    I would like to add a challenge to our WELS educators that goes over the heads of most of our public education counterparts. Web 2.x tools tend to be covered and discussed in a manner that is so overly positive in its potential good, that the evil side of the tools is either downplayed or left undiscussed. I have witnessed many instances where students have treated these technologies in a naive manner only to have them cause poor judgments in their behaviors.

    Web 2.x tools have potential both good and bad; as educators we must be more aware and discuss the negative side. In particular, adult and student choices in communication are an ongoing issue that is rapidly accelerating. Intra and interpersonal communication is no place to substitute electronic communications, especially those that are delayed processes like email, public like Facebook, or chat sessions where persons can not read body language.

    I believe it would be wise to develop a list of pros and cons for electronic learning tools that shows the strengths as tools and when to apply the use of those tools and also the weaknesses and when NOT to apply the use of those tools. Our teachers needs to know this so that they can model the tool usage correctly.

    These are just some thoughts as I raise a pre-teen and also see others WELS teens and their use of Web 2.x tools – both good and bad.


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