143 – WELSTech Road Trip: Watertown, WI

The WELSTech Podcast Road Trip heads to Watertown, WI, and we learn about school hardware solutions.

Road trip:

roadtrip02c(8:03) School hardware ideas – Our virtual tour of the WELS 12 Districts continues with a stop in Watertown, WI to talk with teacher and technology director Drew Willems from Trinity-St. Luke’s.  Join Martin and Sallie as we learn about the school hardware configuration for their two-campus setting which includes a network, SMART Boards, a dedicated computer lab and, most recently, a batch of netbooks on a secure charging mobile cart.

  • Acer Netbook Products
  • A variety of netbook carts:
    • Option 1 from ComputerSecurity.com
    • Option 2 from CartWrite.com
    • Option 3 from PC-Security.com

Drew Willems

Watertown WI
The WELSTech Road Trip Tracker

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

  • (36:46) Pastor Johann Caauwee from Trinity in El Paso, TX and blogger at A Shepherd’s Study shared a link to Concordia Technology Solution’s brand new Church 360 (Church360 on Twitter) online church management system.
  • Parish Administrator Dan Schoeffel form St. Paul’s in Onalaska, WI shared his congregation’s Time and Talent surveys (all in .doc Word format) for adults and teens as well as a page they call “Serving My Lord” with scripture verses about time and talent.  We’ve started a brand new page on the WELSTech Wiki to house church office documents.
  • Pastor Caauwee also followed up on a previous discussion about online church directories to point to Olan Mills the free online directory that comes with any pictorial directory project congregations create using Olan Mills.  Check out the sample (use password: secret).
  • From the #WELSTech Twitter feed we learned:
  • Steve Zambo from Salty Earth Pictures shared their latest video series, “PC’s Take”, with Pastor Clark Schultz reviewing movies.  Find PC’s Take on Facebook.
  • Deacon Mike from Deer Valley in Phoenix, AZ asked about a low-cost web conferencing solution, and we recommended Vyew.com

Coming up on WELSTech:

(49:23) Episode 144 – WELSTech heads to the Pacific Northwest to visit with John Shoosmith for an update on closed-caption video and more.  (Release date 08/11/10)

The featured artist:

(50:12) We close the podcast this week with the beautiful piano music of Dawn Gehlhar – Christ Be My Leader from her CD titled ”Inspirations”

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