132 – Spriggs Squared

This week the WELSTech podcast welcomes two Mac-friendly guests as we explore the use of Macs in ministry.

The discussion:

Inside Apple – The Spriggs boys are taking over!  Listen as Martin’s son, Aaron Spriggs, our WELSTech resident Apple store guy, shares his insight into the popularity of Mac products.

The interview:

Pastor Steve Bauer(14:25) Macs in Ministry – Pastor Steve Bauer from Faith in West Newton, PA joins Martin and Sallie to discuss his use of Mac-based Bible software, Accordance, as well as some other Mac favorites of his.

News in tech:

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

  • (54:25) Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Graduation and Call Day – If you can’t be there in person, plan to tune in to the special services via live video stream – wels.net/streams/live.
    • Graduate Assignments – Thursday, May 20 at 10:00 a.m.
    • Graduation Concert – Thursday, May 20 at 7:00 p.m.
    • Graduation – Friday, May 21 at 10:00 a.m.
  • FinalWeb Training in Milwaukee, WI and New Ulm, MN

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Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:04:52) Episode 133 – What belongs on a great classroom web site?  Gail Potratz joins us for this education-focused discussion. (Release date 05/26/10)

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(1:06:16) We close the podcast with the music of Dawn Gehlhar – Amazing Grace from her CD titled “Inspirations”

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4 replies
  1. Perry Lund
    Perry Lund says:

    SMEStorage is actually a management solution for all your cloud storage including Google Docs, SkyDrive, MobileMe, etc… The software allows you to have a mountable icon on the Macintosh desktop that will give you folder level access to all your cloud storage in one place.

    The SMEStorage management allows you to also use a cloud storage location you have as a backup for another of your cloud storage locations. I backup my MobileMe to my SkyDrive cloud.

  2. Perry Lund
    Perry Lund says:

    I am a layman Accordance user for the past 4 years and am still learning. The link to the video learning tutorials is great for my personal learning about how to better use Accordance. However, I am finding that sitting through some pastor’s meetings each month, that having to learn Greek and Hebrew might we good. With some many issues with the various Bible translations, about the only way to know what the Bible actually means is to know the original languages.

    WOW, a lay person taking Greek and Hebrew; am I crazy or what?


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