119 – Sallie and Tony Meet

This week is book discussion week on the WELSTech podcast.  We also catch up with Tony Vincent and clear the air on the worst picks controversy.

The discussion:

The Effects of Changing Media – Telegraph, radio and photos are the three media changes which Shane Hipps focuses on in Chapter 4 of his book The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel and Church.  Martin and Sallie discuss the postmodern shift away from the “meta-narrative” and towards image-based communication.

The interview:

Tony Vincent(17:05) The Best Worst Pick Ever! – Tony Vincent, Education Consultant and the person behind LearningInHand.com, joins Martin and Sallie to share his experience and success stories with handheld computing devices in the classroom.  Listen as Tony shares excellent resources and his predictions for the future of PODs (Personally Owned Devices) in the classroom.  What was Sallie thinking when she chose Tony’s site as a worst pick??

Ministry resources:

(42:55) SermonDrop.com

News in tech:

(44:45) Google Buzz launches – Watch the overview video

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

(55:00) Registration continues for upcoming FinalWeb for Dummies web site training classes. Martin and Sallie are presenting three days of face to face training focusing on developing, designing and maintaining your website with excellence.

  • Milwaukee, WI and New Ulm, MN – March 9-11, 2010 – Registration deadline is February 28, 2010
  • Saginaw, MI – April 6-8, 2010
  • Attend any combination of days – one, two or three day registrations welcome
  • $49 per day or $129 for all three days
  • Details and registration at bit.ly/fw4dummies

Community feedback:

  • (56:13) The logo discussion started on last week’s podcast continued on the WELSTech listserve
  • Via the #WELSTechhashtag on Twitter we found out about …
  • Maren McPeak from St. Mark in Citrus Heights, CA offered to shared resources for the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard and we’ve created a new wiki page just for them.
  • Redeemer in Yakima, WA was featured on a recent newscast titled “Churches Find Faith in Facebook”.
    • John Shoosmith from Redeemer shared a link to an affordable device for video capture, the Easycap USB Adapter.
  • Pete Schlosser updated us on his upcoming photography adventures, including a trips to Ireland and Scotland with his UW-Stout photojournalism students as well as Haiti where he will spend a week as a WELS Kingdom Worker volunteer.
  • And finally, a great big WELSTech shout out to Pastor Thomas Wilsmann and his tech team from St. John’s in Waterloo, WI.  Thanks for listening!

Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:00:05) Episode 120 – YouTube in the classroom is the discussion theme as Gail Potratz joins us and we hear about HOPE School’s “Scholar Ladies” viral video sucess. (Release date 02/24/10)

The featured artist:

(1:06:34) We close the podcast with the music of a new WELS group, Cross to Glory, led by Pastor Chris Christenson (www.crosstoglory.com) – You Know I Know from their debut CD “Life’s Song”

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