Episode 050 – Dec 17 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie look at the ease of group formation in a Web 2.0 world as they continue their discussion of Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody.  They also clean out the WELSTech mail bag.

The discussion:

The tidbits:

  • Community feedback – Cleaning out the WELSTech mail bag!(31:00)
    • Call for a web developer posted on the WELSTech facebook group by Carol Restovic
    • Following up on the Content Management System discussion in Episode 047, John Simonson from Good Shepherd in West Bend, WI shared links to tools to enhance blogging with WordPress and TypePad
      • Write blog posts from your desktop with wbloggar.com
      • Anti-SPAM plugins for TypePad
    • Following up on Episode 045, George Efsen asked how to find the interview segment about Search Engine Optimization.  Time markers for all WELSTech episodes are included in the show notes.
    • David Savatski recommended box.net for online storage and group collaboration
    • John Shoosmith of Redeemer in Yakima, WA shared several comments
      • Sample closed-caption sermon created with Microsoft Silverlight
      • Suggestion for a WELSTech directory of listeners with techie knowledge and skills which they are willing to share
      • Questions about copyright of Luther’s works and the Bible
    • Alyssa Dunning shared a link to digsby.com – useful for aggregating your web presence including instant messaging, e-mail and social networks
    • Closing the loop on a question we received in Episode 033 from Pastor John Maasch of Peace in Bradenton, FL – WELS Worship has published the current lectionary series in “ical” format for importing into your calendaring software – in the “Lectionary Planning” folder
    • Our occasional guest host, Gail Potratz, from Emanuel in New London, WI shared a link to David Warlick’s School Acceptable Use Policy wiki
    • Richard Travis from Divine Peace in Garland, TX is using FlashPoint to convert PowerPoint files to Flash format for their church web site
  • Coming up on WELSTech (56:01)
    • Episode 051 – A special treat for Christmas Eve – We’ll talk with WELS President Mark Schroeder
  • WELS.net feature (57:15)
    • Tune in to Streams Live for a Michael Schroeder Christmas concert
      • December 20 @ 5 p.m. CST from Christ Lutheran in Pewaukee, WI
      • Sponsored by WELS Military Services

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS artist, Michael Schroeder (michaelschroeder.com) – What Child Is This from his CD titled The Reason For the Season (57:48)

Get involved:

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  1. Philip Wels
    Philip Wels says:

    I guess I need to add “Here comes everybody” to my reading list.

    I really like the topic discussed in this episode. I really should have mentioned my Media Ecology class, which would have tied into the discussion as well.

    With all the new technology we have many new possibilities to reach others. Yet, at the same time, we have to be careful in how we use them. Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “The Medium is the Message” and we know that some mediums carry messages better than others. When choosing methods of conveying information, especially as it relates to the gospel message we have to do so in a way that will not distort or take away from the message.

    Yet, I also think that there is a lot of untapped potential in the new technologies as well. Especially with the whole idea of being able to tag photos and videos for large scale grouping.


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