Episode 035 – Sep 3 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie take a closer look at the tools used to create and share church media and invite WELSTech listeners to share their experience in this area.  Martin interviews Paul Jackson, one of the founders of MediaShout, a congregational display system software.

The discussion:

  • Let’s collaborate on church media – Church media includes all things related to audio and video recording and production, including hardware components, software and even training.  Using a wiki site, Martin and Sallie added initial information on various church media resources.  WELSTech listeners are encouraged to share their experience, how-to’s, things to avoid and any other useful ideas in the wiki.
    • Help us build church media resources on the WELSTech wiki – welstech.wetpaint.com

The interview:

  • MediaShoutMediaShout (18:20) – Martin had the opportunity to talk with Paul Jackson of MediaShout about their congregational display system software.  Learn about the software capabilities and pricing as well as the features that makes MediaShout different from other church media software.

The tidbits:

The featured artist:

  • We close with the music WELS artist, WendySue Fluegge (www.wendysue.com) – Nearer My God To Thee from her CD titled Favorite Hymns (41:35)

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