Episode 031 – Aug 6 2008

This week Martin and Sallie share some pros and cons of using open source software and talk with Pastor Steve Daley about how he uses Linux and other open source software to carry out his pastoral duties.

The discussion:

  • What is Open Source? – WELSTech listeners have no doubt heard us share open source software suggestions in past podcast episodes.  Today Martin and Sallie define exactly what is “open source” and look at the pros and cons of using open source solutions.

The interview:

  • Pastor Stephen DaleyLinux in the church office (23:47) – Pastor Steve Daley from Petra in Sauk Rapids, MN has used the Linux operating system and a variety of Linux-based open source applications to carry out many of his pastoral responsibilities for the past four years.  Listen as Pastor Daley talks with Martin and Sallie about what prompted him to get started with Linux and how you too can make use of these tools to carry out your ministry.
  • Evolution e-mail
  • The Sword Project – Open source Bible software
  • Run Windows software on Linux
  • Virtualization
  • Distrowatch.com

The tidbits:

  • Picks of the week (46:14)
    • 37 Interesting Ways to use Your Interactive Whiteboard by Tom Barrett – link courtesy of José Picardo at boxoftricks.net
    • Password generator – www.supergenpass.com

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS musician, Michael Schroeder (wctc.net/~mas) – The Beatitudes from his CD titled A Witness (55:00)

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