Episode 014 – Apr 9 2008

This week Martin and Sallie explore all avenues of search including specialized Internet searches, search engine optimization, and turning your Internet searches into dollars for your church or school.

The discussion:

  • Search – We’ve dedicated this show to all things search. Listen as Martin and Sallie share tips on taking your search capabilities to the next level. We cover everything from searches for kids to searching for images, from search engine optimization tips to setting up automatic search notifications. Martin even throws in some lagniappe about one of his favorite authors along the way.

The interview:

  • GoodSearch.comGoodSearch – JJ Ramberg, co-founder of GoodSearch.com, joins Martin and Sallie to share information on the history of GoodSearch and how the service can benefit your charitable organization.

The tidbits:

The featured artist:

  • This week we close with the music of Mike Westendorf (www.mikewestendorf.com) – Cling from his Run Boy Run CD

Get involved:

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